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Introducing the Microsoft Certified Architect Program

Today, Microsoft announced the Certified Architect Program. Al Valvano explains the program and how Microsoft is using other architects to create peer based certification system.

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Santos Ray Victorero, II wrote:
For this program to have any credibility at all it should be implemented and managed independently from Microsoft or any other software company. Preferable by an University or other accredited organization.

Architecture is a very wide subject that it is not ONLY about "communications skills" and "leadership".

10:56 PM on June 13, 2006

Andy Ruth wrote:
Interesting thoughts! One of the things I like most about the community we are building is the sharing of ideas that will drive significant change in the IT industry.

I think the credibility that you mention will rest on the shoulders of the architects that we certify and the success they bring to their organizations or customers. That is, a large number of IT projects face cost and timeline overruns, and many don't solve the business problem they were initiated for; this community of architects have the broad skills of an architect to take a project through the IT lifecycle successfully.

I beleive there are a number of universities that have programs around IT architecture and think that ia a great thing. Also, there are communities of architects that are evolving, specifically thinking of the International Association of Software Architects (IASA) which has chapters worldwide and provide a venue that enables architects to associate. All good things and help (as I believe this program does) promotie the notion of IT architecture.

You are absolutely correct that architecture is not only about leadership and communications. It also include having the skills to intergrate multiple technologies, applying frameworks and methodologies, having strong business skills, driving other people to do their best work, and many, many other skills.

9:26 AM on June 15, 2006

Jason Yandell wrote:
I feel that any organization taking the lead on this and creating a peer-reviewed system can only help the industry.  It will be valuable to us all if the title of "software architect" has some formaized credibility.

10:49 AM on June 20, 2006

Joe Hillenbnrand wrote:
None of the links at the left are working.  Any idea on the eta for them?

10:37 AM on June 30, 2006

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