Virtual Tech Ed two thousand and six
  • Boston - June Eleventh to Sixteenth

Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003

Weather patterns, risk analysis, human genome...Zane Adam discusses the release of Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 to manufacturers and how Microsoft is taking high-performance computing mainstream.

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edonsite wrote:

2:46 AM on June 9, 2006

tony roth wrote:
hey I'm a windows fan boy but the currently  ms concept about clustering sucks.  If you really want to kick some a$$ you have this darn thing use the thousands of xp workstations within a given company.  I have no problem with charging for a cluster management  system as long as it can deploy seamlessly to selected xp+ workstations.  Hey my servers are busy but the damn workstations average about 2% utilization.  I'm kinda biased since the data that I have is a very high instructions/megs of data ratio issue so getting the data around is not the issue its the cpu cycles thats the issue.  I've basically roled my own but if there was a good ms based api/mpi sdk I'm sure there would be a couple of gis companies ready to rock and roll with it.
my .00000000000001 cents worth

5:01 PM on June 9, 2006

Patrick wrote:
Tony - cycle stealing is being considered for future versions. Stop by the Windows CCS demo booth at TechEd to share more of your thoughts.

5:48 PM on June 9, 2006

tony roth wrote:
 good response, and I do respect the effort and i know whats been done can be applied to what I'm talking about.  I just kinda impatient!
anyway thanks

8:30 PM on June 9, 2006

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